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Every Thursday


Why not bring a group of friends and try our interactive Trivia. $250 worth of prizes available

No need to book, hope to see you soon 

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Friday 20th May

8:30pm - 11:30pm

Shade of Red

SHADE OF RED are a great fun Trio from the Northern Beaches.  The unique sound of Mike Han’s vocals along with Steve Bularoski sweet guitar licks played on a hollow body Gretch, form the basis of SHADE OF RED’s sound.  Mikes vocals are raw and strong but the band felt they still needed to strengthen their sound and did so through a chance meeting with Craig Finniss.  Craig is a long-time Northern Beaches musician having played drums in the past with Bobby Sox (Iconic Sydney Pub band), Baby James (with Cameron Daddo and Deni Hines) and many years of touring in various acts in Australia.

Shade of Red’s has an ability to diversify its set lists to suit each venue and crowd expectations.


Saturday 21st May

8:30pm - 11:30pm



$30 Members | $35 Non Members

A Rockin’ trip through the influential sounds of the 70’s.

Like the great Festival ‘Woodstock’ event, Avapolooza will takes you back to celebrate the greatest bands of the 70’s ….. Pull on your Flanny’s and dig out your denim, pop in some shoulder pads and flaunt your flares!! 

Feat: The multi-award-winning vocalist KATE LUSH with DAVE POPPLETON (Doug Williams Gospel Syd Rock tour & Nothing Too Serious), JOHN SPENCE (The Fargone Beauties, Big Daddys, The Classic Kings & Blues Deluxe) ...together with an 10Pc All-Star Great Southern Band including full horn section, present songs like…

* Gimme Shelter * Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing * I’m A Man * Running On Empty * Young Hearts Run Free * Lido * Dixie Chicken * Woodstock * 25 or 6 to 4 * Doctor My Eyes * Late In The Evening * My Old School * Southern Man * What A Fool Believes * Jet Airliner * … name just a few!

Tickets available at:- 

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Sunday 22nd May

4:30pm - 7:30pm

60's Magic



The Band consists of 4 well experienced Musicians with combined experience exceeding 50 years.


Although new on the Rock n Roll Music Scene, the Band have been very well received at the venues we have performed at, e.g. Penrith RSL and Bankstown RSL.


Some examples are:  Elvis, Chuck Berry, Cliff Richard etc.


We bring high energy, popular songs that Rock n Rollers relate to and keep everyone dancing until they drop!!!

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Friday 27th May

8:30pm - 11:30pm

All Get Out

You've seen the tributes to iconic pop stars, and the rock and grunge cover bands...


One thing missing in the local music scene is a live act who can do it all!!


This high energy band are known for playing classic anthems from the 70's to now, from 'P!nk' to 'The Cars', 'No Doubt' to 'Bruno Mars'


With female and male leads, they are known for being as diverse as they are talented!


Get ready to party with All Get Out

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Saturday 28th May

8:30pm - 11:30pm

Plan D

High-energy band Plan D plays the great songs from the 70s to the early millennium – think Foo Fighters, Talking Heads, Elton John, the Stones, the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Easybeats, Cream, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Stereophonics. 

This 4 piece band plays their own unique versions of many rock classics that will get the place rockin plus you never know which famous musos may turn up to share the stage with Plan D for a song or two.

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Sunday 29th May

4:30pm - 7:30pm

Rebecca Johnson Band

Even though she can cite all of her influences from the funk, soul, and R&B masters, Rebecca Johnson has a groove all of her own. The Australian bassist and vocalist manages to astound with both her stirring vocals and bubbling bass lines. She leads her own trio in which she sings and plays in a way that truly builds on those classic sounds instead of just mimicking them.

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Saturday 4th June

8:00pm - 11:00pm

Long Way South



Long Way South are a band of UK expats from the Northern Beaches. Since 2014 they've been performing shows across Sydney and have supported major UK touring acts including From The Jam and the London Calling Show at The Metro and Factory Theatre.

Their repertoire includes the coolest British covers from the 80s, 90s and early 2000's. From Glam to New Wave, from Madchester to Britpop and yes, they will play Wonderwall.


Sunday 5th June

6:00pm - 8:30pm

The Beatels


$20 Members | $25 Non Members

The Beatles have remained one of the most influential and popular groups in rock and roll history, and for over 14 years, THE BEATELS have been Australia’s tribute group of choice for audiences who love The Beatles. Featuring Bruce Coble as John, Steven Shipley as Paul, Marcus Phelan as George and Neil Rankin as Ringo, THE BEATELS bring alive the music and the spirit of a live Beatles concert.

Using a full collection of authentic Beatle instruments and costumes, their breathtaking performance will leave you amazed. Around Australia, in public shows as well as large special events, THE BEATELS have been thrilling audiences with their detailed and authentic recreation of the music of The Beatles. The look, the sound, the voices, the playing, the guitars, the attention to detail - they have it all and more!


Saturday 11th June

8:30pm - 11:30pm

The Darkside - Pink Floyd Show


$20 Members | $25 Non Members

The popularity of Pink Floyd and their music is unquestionable. They are the 7th biggest selling act in the history of popular music with over 250 million+ records sold. They released 10 multi-Platinum albums, 2 of which list in the top ten best-selling albums of all-time (The Dark Side of The Moon 10th, & The Wall 3rd)   


The show reproduces all the biggest tracks from the classic albums; The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and the concept masterpiece that is The Wall. 


Let The Dark Side take you on a sonic journey through the back catalogue of one of the most popular and iconic bands in the history of Rock music.

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Saturday 25th June

8:30pm - 11:30pm

The Australian Pearl Jam Show


$20 Members | $25 Non Members

August 1991 - Seattle - Pearl Jam releases their debut album Ten. Selling 13 million copies and prefacing the arrival of the Seattle Grunge Explosion, Ten launched Pearl Jam into the stratosphere, and forever changed rock music. 

The Australian Pearl Jam Show relives all the excitement, intensity and killer songs from one of grunge’s most legendary acts. Alive, Jeremy, Daughter, Even Flow, Better Man, Given To Fly and many, many more. Get your tickets now for an unmissable night of explosive rock.