"Buy a Brick" Donations

Bennett Surfboards kindly supplied a longboard with the names of each person who generously donated to our "Buy a Brick" fundraiser. On the other side is pictures of the extensive damage. The longboard is on display in the main stairwell.

WSFM Beach Party

Jonesy & Amanda held their first ever Beach Party at our Club on Friday 2nd March with hundreds of listeners hoping to change their life by winning a million dollars!

Raylene from Cartwright had the chance to dig for the cash with a one in 100 chance of winning, and you won't believe just how close she came to the million, but she still managed to walk away with a HUGE amount of money! A great day for all involved.

The Beach Club Collaroy

(Collaroy Services Beach Club)

1058 Pittwater Road, 

Collaroy, NSW 2097


T#1: 02 9971 5355

T#2: 02 9971 5195


E: reception@thebeachclub.com.au

ABN: 21 000 509 759


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