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Collaroy Services Beach Club was formed by the members of the Collaroy Sub Branch of the Returned Services League of Australia in 1963. The Beach Club, as it is known today, is located within heritage listed Arlington Hall on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and its stunning location right on Collaroy Beach provides patrons with incredible views over the Pacific Ocean stretching from the Central Coast to Long Reef. 


The founders of the club transferred the property and rights to the Collaroy Services Beach Club whilst still allowing the Sub Branch to hold its meetings and social activities in the premises. Recently, many younger families have moved into the area attracted to the Northern Beaches’ relaxed and healthy seaside lifestyle close to Sydney. 


Fundamental Objective: To plan for the future viability of the club whilst being mindful of the uniqueness of the club and its membership. The board recognise:

  • Importance of directors and staff collaborating to take a hands-on role at community events

  • A strong link between healthy, outdoor activity and good civic behaviour in young people

  • Importance of establishing a recognised and branded partnership between community events and the club

  • Capitalising on the club’s unique location and

  • Taking an entrepreneurial approach to community events.


Members and guests enjoy spectacular views in comfort and safety. The club boasts a lift, modern Australian Beachgrill dining, choice of over 24 beers on tap and a range of premium wines and cocktails. Since the club has completed a number of refurbishments since 2010, membership has swelled to over 10,000 people. 


What club members appreciate most, however, are the wonderful smiles and top-notch customer service from a talented team of managers and staff. 



Vice President

Ordinary Directors  





Chris Montgomery

Mark Baker

Steve Skidmore

Sheldon Smith

Kenyon McKie

Graham McDonald

Paul Langley


General Manager

Finance & Administration Manager

Operations Manager  

Darren Pyecroft

Alex Weber

Samantha Britton


Annual General Meeting / Voting


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A compulsory information evening for members interested in a Board position will be held July 6th, 7 PM. 

Collaroy RSL Sub Branch
  • Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 4pm.

Anzac Day Dusk Service c. Jeremy Corne

The Beach Club Collaroy

(Collaroy Services Beach Club)

1058 Pittwater Road, 

Collaroy, NSW 2097


T#1: 02 9971 5355

T#2: 02 9971 5195



ABN: 21 000 509 759


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